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RIFT: What We Know of the “Nightmare Tide”

August 21st, 2014 at 02:08 pm
It has been almost a month since the unveiling of Trion World’s next expansion for RIFT. RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide was announced and the buzzing of excitement has been...

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SWTOR Advanced Space Combat Guide Video

December 12th, 2011 at 10:12 am
Advanced space combat is hard! This video gives you an Advanced Space Combat Guide and runs through two full level 45+ missions and shows you how to use high level upgrades...

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RIFT: What We Know of the “Nightmare Tide”

It has been almost a month since the unveiling of Trion World’s next expansion for RIFT. RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide was announced and the buzzing of excitement has been going since then. During the week that Bill Fisher, executive producer on RIFT, made the announcement so began the interviews with various websites. And with Trion [...]

Hearthstone’s Naxx Opens Final Quarter: Frostwyrm!

We’re on the final wing of Hearthone’s Naxxramas, and unlike the previous wings, this one requires you to purchase the past 4 wings to unlock. While we have your usual help from Hearthhead up and running, I’ll once again add my 2 gold worth of experience and opinions after the cut. This week’s card breakdown’s [...]

Become a Junkies Nation Writer!

We’re happy to announce that Junkies Nation is currently looking to add new writers to our awesome, tight-knit writing team. We’re looking for writers passionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about console games, PC games, MMORPGs, MOBAs, and all things geeky. In particular, we’d love to have writers covering these specific areas: MOBAs MMORPG news MMORPG guides/editorials/previews [...]

Guild Wars 2: Upcoming Class Changes

In an ongoing effort to keep balance between classes in Guild Wars2, ArenaNet has posted some information on the upcoming class changes before they cover it more in detail on Friday at 12PM during the team’s live stream. Changes are scheduled take effect next month, so be sure to tune in and check out some [...]

ArcheAge CBE 4: Friday– All ArcheAge, All the Time!

Even though we’ve just recovered from the end of ArcheAge‘s third closed beta event, the fourth beta event was announced yesterday. It’s right around the corner! It’ll begin at 10 AM PST on Friday, August 22 and run until 10 AM on Wednesday, August 27th. There can never be too much beta in a sandbox-y [...]

EverQuest Next Reveals: Multiclassing and Keywords

From SOE Live in Las Vegas on August 16th, Jeff Butler, Mike Mann, Darrin McPherson, and Terry Micheals held a panel about the extensive multiclassing system in EverQuest Next. They also talked about the game’s unique keyword feature which will be used in multiclassing and throughout all areas of the game, allowing players to easily [...]

Trove: New Community-Chosen Dragon Class and Biome!

Wow! What a week trying to catch up on this not-so-little pack of voxel fun. It is easy to underestimate what seems like a really simple game, but Trove has depths and layers to its crafting, building, and combat that keep you running around blissfully losing track of time. What is most enjoyable about Trove is that [...]

Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters Preview

Hey, Junkies! In a few days– on August 20th– Grinding Gear Games (GGG) releases their very anticipated expansion to the Path of Exile series. Forsaken Masters, coming to you as a horizontal follow-up to the vertical “Sacrifice of the Vaal” free content pack, this time GGG sets their sights on giving the player more goals [...]

Warlords of Draenor Release Date Announced

In a live stream event today, Blizzard revealed the release date for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. The long-awaited expansion will launch on November 13, 2014, shortly after BlizzCon 2014. Warlords of Draenor Cinematic The event featured the premiere of the Warlords of Draenor cinematic, a beautifully-rendered look back at the savage events of [...]

The Banner Saga Giveaway Results!

The results are in, folks! We’ve chosen 5 winners at random from the 281 total entries we received. The winners will be receiving a Deluxe Edition Steam key for The Banner Saga, a fun, turn-based RPG set back in Viking times (with an awesome score to boot– which the DE version includes). Here are the [...]

BioWare Announces Shadow Realms, an Online Action RPG

After a couple weeks of fun email teasers, BioWare finally announced yesterday what the heck we’ve all been chosen for– a brand new online action RPG in development called Shadow Realms. Shadow Realms will be a 4v1 story-driven ARPG with dynamic co-op elements in a world that’s going to evolve as it takes shape. As [...]

Gamescom: New Tomb Raider Exclusive to Xbox (but with a Limited Duration!)

Although the sequel to 2013′s Tomb Raider was announced at E3 this year, a potentially even bigger announcement was made at Gamescom‘s Microsoft press briefing at Gamescom. Crystal Dynamics announced that it was forging a closer working relationship with Microsoft and, as a result, Rise of the Tomb Raider is going to be an exclusive [...]

Interview: Habitat’s Charles Cox, Founder of 4gency

We recently had the chance to interview Charles Cox, Founder of 4gency. 4gency is the team behind Habitat, an indie orbital strategy/simulation game that was successfully funded thanks to Kickstarter back in May 2014 and is now debuting on Steam in an Early Access stage of development. The game is constantly being updated and improved [...]

Hearthstone Brings Out Its Dead with Construct Quarter!

So we’ve smashed some spiders, put down plagues, and mortared the military. Now it’s time to kill the constructs in the final Naxxramas quarter before we have the chance to face Kel’Thuzad himself. This is also a week we get some nice deathrattlers to help us make a nice theme deck after having won The [...]

World of Warcraft’s Getting a Robin Williams NPC

Thanks to a player-created petition started after Robin Williams’ unfortunate passing yesterday, Blizzard has agreed to create a Robin Williams NPC in World of Warcraft. The petition was simple, and just requested the developers to create an NPC as a way to fondly remember the actor and comedian. Almost 11,000 supporters signed the petition. Today, [...]

Remembering Robin Williams and Paint Flowers

In a world so focused on what tomorrow may bring, it’s easy to forget that the one, singular moment we have now– and that’s all we’re guaranteed– is fleeting. When such news strikes such as yesterday’s announcement of Robin Williams’ apparent suicide, we’re suddenly reminded of life’s temporary, all-too-quickly-vanishing state. That reminder sucks. We shouldn’t [...]

Sqaure Enix Announces Life is Strange, a Choice-Based, Episodic IP

Square Enix is adding a new IP to their gaming family– a new, strange IP. It’s called Life is Strange, and in a recently-released blog entry, Square describes the game as something “wholly different to anything we have ever attempted before, both in gameplay and narrative”. Life is Strange is a modern-day story revolving around [...]

Mass Effect 3 Director Leaves Bioware

Bioware has announced, with very little fanfare, that director and executive producer Casey Hudson has left Bioware. While the announcement was made via a blog entry on Thursday morning, the news is just beginning to make news across the internet. Hudson is best known as the director of the controversial third chapter of the Mass [...]

Asheron’s Call: A Duo’s Return

Last month we gave your T. Striker’s impressions of his return to Asheron’s Call. However, AC being an MMO and all, we figured, it might be best to talk about the game from the multiplayer perspective. Since Striker and I have played several MMOs together over the years (though nothing new since WoW‘s Cataclysm), we might [...]

Warlords of Draenor Preview: Store All the Things!

For packrats like me, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor will usher in a new era of bag space! Just a handful of changes, really, but on every toon I’ve tested so far, they added up to a great deal of freed-up space. I haven’t had that much bag space since… well, maybe not ever. [...]

ArcheAge: Closed Beta Event 3

If you haven’t had a chance to jump into ArcheAge, be sure to mark your calendars and keep an eye out for invites coming soon. With a successful first beta and a second beta that tripled the participants, Trion announced ArcheAge’s third beta event, Blood and Bounty, scheduled to start August 14th and run through [...]

New Citizens of Earth Trailer

There’s a new trailer on the Nintendo eshop for Citizens of Earth! For those who’ve missed our previous coverage, CoE is an American made JRPG inspired by greats such as Mother/Earthbound, Suikoden, Pokemon, and Dragon Quest. While it’s initial Kickstarter failed, it was picked up by Atlus. Ironically, the game’s creator, Ryan Vandendyck, has mentioned wanting to [...]

WildStar: Is it Time for Server Merges?

One of the most prominent concerns players have during every MMORPG’s post-launch period is questioning how developers will deal with averaging out the game’s population. It’s all familiar territory for those of us who have been through multiple MMO launches. There’s always that launch period rush where players eagerly buy the game, take time off [...]

RIFT: 2.8 Auction House Revamp!

Data genius and UI ingenuity teamed up for yesterday’s RIFT 2.8: Madness Wakes content release with a revamped Auction House presented on the official RIFT forums by Senior UI Artist Amber “Gingers” Alexander. Gingers has been kept busy since 2.7 with many UI feature changes and upgrades including crafting, quest, macro, wardrobe, and achievement tracking UI changes. Hats off to [...]

World of Warcraft’s Going Old School for its 10th Anniversary

For quite a few years now, World of Warcraft players have grumbled every time WoW‘s anniversary event pops up in November. Those of us who have been around since 2009 and before remember receiving cool pets like the Onyxian Whelpling and the Baby Blizzard Bear. It’s been a good few years since Blizzard’s offered its [...]

GW2: The Dragon’s Reach Part 2 Coming August 12th

At the beginning of July, a new disturbance to the world of Tyria arose yet again. If you’ve missed any the Living World updates over the past month, now is your chance to catch back up, starting with the Gates of Maguuma update on July 1st. For the most recent updates, see the following pages. July 1st: [...]

RIFT 2.8: Madness Wakes – Patch Notes 8/6/14

== FEATURES == 3.0 PRELUDE: MADNESS WAKES STORY QUESTS Cyril Kalmar and Kira Thanos have been dreaming darkly in the city of Tempest Bay. Help them put these Dark Dreams to rest… NEW DUNGEON: NIGHTMARE COAST The Infinity Gate has been set adrift by a sinister force has sailed across the world to Fortune’s Shore [...]

Atteeeeeeeeention! Hearthstone Opens Doors to Naxx’s Military Quarter

Here we are in week 3 of Naxxramas. We’ve done spider and plagues, but now it’s time for some military might! Once again, due to servers opening up at various times, North American players already have guides available to them, but I’ll also chip in my two gold with my experience and thoughts. First, let’s [...]

ArcheAge: Trion Community Contests Set Sail!

Results are in for the second contest run by Trion creating a buzz across the high seas of ArcheAge to win an Archeum Founder’s Pack with “Raise Your Sails“. It’s been a blast following the official forum post as the creative deviousness and brilliance of many personalized crests in ArcheAge revealed themselves. Without further ado, here [...]

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