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Final Fantasy XIV: Dreams Of Ice 2.4 Trailer

Final Fantasy XIV: Dreams Of Ice 2.4 Trailer

October 17th, 2014 at 02:10 pm
It is finally here and it’s what fans have been waiting for– the first official trailer for the upcoming patch in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm...

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SWTOR Advanced Space Combat Guide Video

December 12th, 2011 at 10:12 am
Advanced space combat is hard! This video gives you an Advanced Space Combat Guide and runs through two full level 45+ missions and shows you how to use high level upgrades...

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Final Fantasy XIV: Dreams Of Ice 2.4 Trailer

It is finally here and it’s what fans have been waiting for– the first official trailer for the upcoming patch in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Patch 2.4: Dreams Of Ice, was released only 5 hours ago and does it deliver! The trailer itself does a great job at showcasing the new features [...]

ArcheAge: Auroria Opens November 4th

As hinted in a recent podcast interview, there’s a huge content patch coming to ArcheAge that’s going to keep guilds busy for quite a while. We’re talking The Conquest of Auroria which goes live November 4th. Now, in case you’re unfamiliar with ArcheAge as it stands currently in other areas of the world, Auroria is [...]

FFXIV: Tips for Getting Started with Crafting

Is it worthwhile to level crafting in Final Fantasy XIV? The answer is both yes and no. Crafting enables you to repair your gear anywhere– anytime you want to. You can also earn a bit of gil from crafted goods. Crafting also means you don’t have to look for people to meld materia in your [...]

ArcheAge: Introduction to Trade Runs

Trade runs are an integral part of ArcheAge– driving the economy, providing unique materials, and encouraging small and medium scale PvP. Whether you’re a farmer, a crafter, or a pirate, trade packs and the potentially perilous paths their carriers traverse help shape your game. At its heart, a trade run is exactly what it sounds [...]

Pro-Tip – ArcheAge: Best Way to Deploy a Glider

We’re going to be posting tips & tricks for the latest games we’re playing for the community. The first Pro-Tip is for ArcheAge (yes I’ve been playing a lot)! See after the post on how you can contribute and get your Pro-Tip on Junkies Nation. Pro-Tip – ArcheAge: Best Way to Deploy a Glider In [...]

ArcheAge: The Quickest One Month Ever! What Makes This Game So Addicting?

It’s a charming realization when something as simple as planting a mushroom and being able to harvest it in a PvP zone without dying is luxuriously satisfying, like that very first MMO you played killing a boss in a dungeon without a clue as to whether or not you were wearing the right gear or [...]

RIFT: Interview with Trion Worlds Senior Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver

Two weekends ago I had an awesome opportunity interviewing Trion Worlds ArcheAge Producer Victoria Voss & Assistant Producer Amanda Fry. Following that momentous occasion, this weekend we caught up with Trion Worlds RIFT Senior Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver! Read More…

Help Us Help Kids– Win a T-Shirt! Junkies Nation Extra Life Donation Drive

On October 25, 2014, I’ll be participating in the huge social gaming event called Extra Life where I’ll play video games for 24 hours to raise a ton of money to help save kids’ lives. These kids are facing things like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and a plethora of other injuries and diseases. Local Children’s Miracle [...]

Destiny: Are the Updates Living Up to the Promises?

Activision long ago gave promise that Destiny was set to be a franchise that would stick around for a long time. More specifically, 10 years worth of support. Have actions been taken on this ambitious commitment? In short, yes. There have been a total of three patches and several hot fixes towards Bungie’s new game [...]

Starcraft 2 Code S Championships Conclude

The Starcraft 2 GSL Season 3 Code S championships have just come to an end this past weekend in South Korea. For the first time in two years a Terran claimed the title. Lee Shin “Innovation” Hyung, the Terran, vanquished Eo Yoon “Soo” Su, a Zerg, in match six of the best of seven. Innovation [...]

Review: The Flash Pilot

Tuesday night saw the premiere of The Flash on the CW, and it was a welcome surprise. The show’s origins on the network lie within the CW’s other DC show, Arrow, which visited Barry Allen and Central City for two second season episodes. From there, it would be easy to assume that this show would [...]

Putting the “Guild” Back in Guild Wars 2

We understand that games change, much like we understand Guild Wars 2 is not the original Guild Wars. They’re two very different games. But for a number of Guild Wars players, Guild Wars 2 is like the little brother who can’t quite live up to the expectation to be like his older sibling. Don’t get [...]

Random Free Mobile Game of the Month: Charm King

Welcome to the first edition of Random Free Mobile Game of the Month! Before diving into details, let me emphasize that these are not advertisements for any particular game. They’re simply games that I happen to enjoy now and then and felt like sharing. These articles will come out monthly because we all have Serious [...]

Nintendo November: Smash Wii U, Amiibo, and More

As if the release of Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros for 3DS wasn’t keeping Nintendo fans busy enough, Nintendo’s just announced that November 21 is the day Smash Bros Wii U and the Amiibo figures will release. Not only will Smash support Amiibo figures, but so will Mario Kart 8, Yoshi’s Wooly World (looking at an early 2015 release), and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, which is looking [...]

Shadow of Revan SWTOR Expansion Launching December 9th

BioWare announced the next digital expansion coming for Star Wars: The Old Republic today. It’s called Shadow of Revan, and yep, as you might have guessed– Revan’s back with a new set of fanatical followers for us to take down. The expansion will consist of 5 new levels (bringing the cap up to level 60), [...]

Destiny Review

Finally, Bungie unleashes their heavily-anticipated title, Destiny, upon the public. Just in time because the gamers were hungry for a true next-gen game, but did this adventure really satisfy our appetites? I imagine that some bought it for the loot grind, competitive multiplayer, the MMORPG aspects, or simply because it’s a Bungie game. Whatever the [...]

FFXIV: Are Melee Unwanted?

The other day I did some light reading on Dragoons, and I have to admit that I know nothing about Dragoons despite having a level 37 Dragoon for months (I only leveled it to get Blood for Blood). One reason why I never really got back to Dragoon was because the first 34 levels was [...]

ArcheAge: Producer Interview Video, Massive Bot Bans & Player Numbers Released!

Racing to make sure all of my ArcheAge foundations were in place before the original release date of RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide on October 8th has been head down, Ferrin cat tail up, but yesterday Trion Worlds Senior Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver announced the postponing of Nightmare Tide to October 22nd. Ah, a breather. I [...]

RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide Release Pushed Back to October 22nd

As hinted at during yesterday’s RIFT live stream, Trion has been internally weighing the decision on whether RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide was ready for release or not by October 8th– the expansion’s original targeted release date. In an official announcement published this evening, Bill “Daglar” Fisher gave the final word: Nightmare Tide‘s release date has [...]

RIFT: Live Stream Roundup and a Question – Is Nightmare Tide Ready?

With the targeted release date for RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide quickly approaching– on October 8th to be exact– the Trion Worlds team got together for a live stream event yesterday that Executive Producer Bill “Daglar” Fisher and Senior Design Director Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch both attended. Plenty of forum questions were asked ahead of time [...]

Comic Con or Bust: Is the Cycle Over?

The realm of internet geekdom was aflame last week over a blog-post written by Denise Dorman, the wife of Einser Award-winning Sci-Fi/Comic artist Dave Dorman. In her initial post, Dorman argued that a new culture was emerging that didn’t value those aspects of a convention–particularly consumerism–that she felt should be held highest. The blame, in [...]

Smash Bros for 3DS: Mii Fighter Guide

The most under appreciated fighter in the new Smash Bros for 3DS has to be the Mii Fighter. Some people really dislike its inclusion, but as I’ve mentioned previously, I really do like the level of customization in this game, and it really shines on with the Mii Fighter. For one, it’s the only fighter that [...]

Smash Your Way: Thoughts on Japanese Smash Bros for 3DS

I’m a big Smash Bros fan. Huge. Ever since middle school it’s been one of those games I really love. It’s a game I could play with friends, siblings, and strangers. I could go to a store or convention and have fun playing against people most of the time. But somewhere in Melee I felt [...]

WildStar: Holiday Events Cancelled and Stephan Frost Moves On

In an official Nexus Report WildStar Twitch stream held yesterday, fans of the game received two disappointing bits of news. First off, Stephan Frost, Design Producer, personally announced that he will be leaving Carbine Studios and is joining another company. “I’m off to a new adventure,” Frost said. “I got an offer that I couldn’t [...]

Sitting down with

I sat down with Michael Miller. He is an independent game developer who has created mobile and browser based games on his website Every one of the games are puzzle type games with a very classic feel and a “cute” appearance. I’m not the biggest fan of puzzle games, but I found myself addicted [...]

Guild Wars 2 WvWvW: Guardian Builds and Guide

Guardians have seen a lot of play in WvW for quite a while now, especially among commanders. While builds have changed over the past few years, the fact that they remain vital to group play both as anchors, healers, and all-around team support hasn’t changed. They’re still some of the best all-around team players. I’ve [...]

ArcheAge: Auroria Release Within Weeks

In a recent podcast interview with Amanda “Amary” Fry and Victoria “FireCait” Voss at Trion Worlds, we found out some interesting tidbits about ArcheAge. Not all of this information is new, but some is. Here are the highlights of what we found out: The queues are improving, and Trion’s being cautious about adding new [...]

Final Fantasy XIV: Tokyo Game Show 2014

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV who attended this past weekend’s Tokyo Game Show were treated to a preview of the upcoming patch content coming to live servers. Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida, showed the eager fans the first trailer for the patch as well as some in-game footage of the new dungeon coming. On top [...]

Hyrule Warriors Adventure Mode Map Guide

So I mentioned at the end of my review that I might make you guys a map for Hyrule Warriors.  I sadly have a day job that competes with my gameplaying duties (I have to pay the bills somehow!), so it’s not complete, but I do have enough information that should really help you guys get [...]

Common Sense in FFXIV: How to NOT Get Blamed for a Wipe

During my 2 years of playing World of Warcraft, I never realized why my friends got so pissed at me, why they blamed me for wiping raids, or why they compared other failing raiders to me as though the comparison was something to be ashamed of. The blame my friends tossed around was meant to [...]

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