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ArcheAge Exclusive: Interview with Trion Worlds

August 1st, 2014 at 01:08 pm
Our staff members recently had the opportunity to get some answers to our questions regarding ArcheAge. Much like the experience I’ve had with their support team, Trion...

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SWTOR Advanced Space Combat Guide Video

December 12th, 2011 at 10:12 am
Advanced space combat is hard! This video gives you an Advanced Space Combat Guide and runs through two full level 45+ missions and shows you how to use high level upgrades...

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ArcheAge Exclusive: Interview with Trion Worlds

Our staff members recently had the opportunity to get some answers to our questions regarding ArcheAge. Much like the experience I’ve had with their support team, Trion Worlds had detailed responses and got back to us very quickly. We got some great information on upcoming game changes, cash shop changes, and a deeper look at some of [...]

Top Five Awesome Things At Comic Con

Some of us are lucky enough to go to San Diego Comic Con. Others, like me, either can’t afford to go or can’t get their hands on a ticket. Either way, that leaves us sitting at home, watching it all unfold through social media and articles on websites. The flurry of events, panels, and shows [...]

The Banner Saga Deluxe Edition Giveaway

Ever felt like your life needed a little more turn-based Viking RPG action? You might be in luck. We’ve teamed up with Stoic to give away 5 The Banner Saga Deluxe Edition Steam keys. Released in January 2014, The Banner Saga is a tactical, turn-based Viking role-playing game with rich, colorful graphics and a choice-based [...]

ArcheAge: Giving Credit to Customization

If you are like many MMORPG players who love to customize your game from character creation to wardrobe, ArcheAge is the game for you. Not only have XLGAMES presented some incredibly beautiful artwork before you even log in, but they’ve teamed up with Trion to mold the Western marketplace experience into one where players see [...]

ArcheAge: Speed Nui Battlerage Leveling Guide for Levels 1-10

Hey there, Junkies! Vitality here, coming to you with the fruits of this week’s ArcheAge challenge. I have been tasked to search out a quick way to crush the first ten levels of ArcheAge‘s western (Human) continent while keeping the gold gained per minute as high as possible to facilitate that all-important day one land [...]

Neverwinter Coming to Xbox One in 2015

Perfect World Entertainment announced this morning that Neverwinter, their flagship Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG, will be brought to next-gen consoles by Cryptic Studios. The game will first be available on the Xbox One in the first half of 2015 for NA and EU gamers. Like the PC version, the Xbox One version will be completely [...]

Spreading Disease Like a Dog: Naxxramus Plague Wing Thoughts

So here we are at week two of Hearthstone‘s Naxxramus release. This week we have the Plague Wing, and Hearthhead once again had guides out in record time. Those who wanted to use Alexstraza for easy wins will be saddened to that her power’s been disabled for these battles, but I’m fine with that. I [...]

Interview: Mark McKenna on Kickstarter – BOOnana Tail Halloween Special

For those of you who don’t know Mark McKenna, he’s a Inkwell Awards Hall of Famer and a veteran in the comic book industry with over 29 years of experience. Mark has worked with both Marvel and DC Comics on some of the largest names including X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman, and The Justice League. His name [...]

Being a Pirate In ArcheAge: Worth it?

There has been a lot of talk about the pirate system in ArcheAge. At first glance, pirates are free to do pretty much whatever they want to. They’re free to attack any other players, except in safe zones. They can build farms and houses wherever they want to, except the second they set foot in [...]

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Trailer Released

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming (and final) installment was released at 2:00pm central time on Monday afternoon–and yes, I did wait for the clock to tick down. It was well worth the wait, too. The trailer does a great job of setting the stage for the next movie, mixing action and drama well. [...]

Try WildStar Free for 7 Days This Week!

If you haven’t had a chance to try out WildStar and would like to, Carbine’s teamed up with a whole bunch of partner sites this week to give away free trial codes. The free trial grants 7 days of free access from the time you enter the code. There are some limitations with the trial [...]

WildStar’s Small Leap Toward the Risk Factor

We’re past the dawn of the MMORPG clones. After World of Warcraft‘s continued success many a moon ago, we saw years of MMORPGs with the same exact UI setup, the same quest setup, the same question marks above NPC heads, the same endgame setup, the same silly currencies to grind for, the same cute fluffy [...]

66% off Landmark Founder’s Packs

Thanks to Steam, you can currently save 66% off founders packs and upgrades for Landmark, SOE’s upcoming sandbox game. As someone who’s played the alpha for… maybe weeks more than any other alpha I’ve played in the past few years, the game is certainly not finished by a long shot, but the current building is awesome, [...]

Trove: A Building and Combat Adventure Land!

This dynamic voxel MMO has evolved through the roof since I first jumped into Alpha way back at Christmas time. I was a little reserved then, not having been drawn to any voxel game beforehand. I thought maybe I was taking my love for Trion games a little too far. I have been blown away [...]

Opinion: Is Marvel Really Promoting Diversity?

It seems as though there is always fervor on the internet, and most recently this has been surrounding Marvel’s recent announcement of the changes in their Avenger’s lineup. Comic book fanboys (and those who appreciate the Marvel cinematic universe) were surprised to hear that the company had made significant changes in two of their titles—Thor [...]

Swordsman Online: A Review of Swords

I like swords. I suppose I can’t help it. I was raised with Final Fantasy and other JRPGs like Suidoden where swords weren’t only awesome– but they were a key to victory of sorts. Required. Just like cool victory poses! Which, of course, also included swords. Swordsman Online is Perfect World’s latest free-to-play addition to [...]

Weekly Cos-day #9

Welcome to Junkies Nation’s cosplay review, Weekly Cos-day! Here, we will highlight some of the best cosplays we saw on the internet this week (including those submitted by you, dear readers!). We end each article with a link to a cosplay tutorial so that you can finally make that perfect cosplay you’ve been dreaming about. [...]

Watch Firefly Online’s First Gameplay Trailer

During last year’s San Diego Comic Con, Quantum Mechanix and Spark Plug announced a new strategy-based online RPG in development that had Browncoats everywhere already planning a space travel hijinks or two. Yep– none other than Firefly Online. In December 2013 we found out more information about the game’s systems and goals. Customization will be [...]

Future Itemization and Runecrafting Changes Coming to WildStar

If you’ve been playing WildStar for a while as a level 50 player or have recently hit level 50, there’s a good chance you’re already aware that some of the stat and itemization systems in the game could use some adjusting. Assault Power is currently stronger than any other stat by a huge margin for [...]

RIFT: A Week of Fashion Concepts Buff Telara

Being a judge for the recent RIFT Summer Wardrobe Contest wasn’t an easy feat. The reactions to the event itself and winners were mixed which was expected not only because of the nature of community-led projects but also because the sunny theme of summer isn’t simply defined– especially in an MMORPG where design animations don’t include an extensive [...]

AbleGamers Charity Minecraft Marathon Begins Tomorrow

The folks over at MineThon are running a pretty cool charity event for AbleGamers starting tomorrow. AbleGamers is a non-profit organization that provides news, reviews, and support for disabled gamers. Participants will take part in a 72-hour Minecraft marathon to raise money for AbleGamers. The event will be streamed on Twitch and there are a [...]

ArcheAge Closed Beta Event 2 Announced

Transparent seems to be the trend of gaming developers mid 2014 and it is exciting to see. Trion Worlds is no exception to this rule as they bring us the next closed beta testing  announcement for next week including the “meat and bones” of any game testing with back-end and server load information. During the first [...]

Physical Copy of Wii Sports Club Releases July 25, Free Trial

I won’t lie. After a few reviews I’d read, I had written off Wii Sports Club, and not just because of the pricing situation. Several stated that the game requires more skill, which is good for gamers but bad for the people we might be trying to convert. Worse yet, for me personally. boxing, which had [...]

Hearthstone’s Naxxramus: Arachnid Wing Review

Hearthstone‘s first new set of cards came out on July 22 bringing with it 30 new cards, though bosses get their own new cards as well that aren’t available to players. Based on World of Warcraft‘s Naxxramus raid, the game added “solo adventures” for players to play against AI bosses in order to earn new [...]

Riot Showcases Cinematic Team Fight in New League of Legends Video

Darius, Ahri, Graves, Leona, Nautilus, Rengar, Katarina, Jax, and a few other LoL champions go head to head like never seen before in Riot’s latest cinematic called “A New Dawn” which was released yesterday. Much in the vein of “A Twist of Fate”, “A New Dawn” showcases some awesome champ abilities and even an ultimate [...]

RIFT: Return Of The Stormcaller

With the help of the community and the RIFT team members, one of the favorite souls known as the Stormcaller is back and more powerful than ever. Wielding the powers of Air and Water, the Stormcaller has seen a consolidation of numerous abilities and quite altered mechanics to create not only a faster, but a [...]

DC Comics Announces Batman Day on 7/23

Grab your bat-phone, bat-wallet, and jump in your Batmobile on Wednesday, July 23rd, since DC Entertainment has declared the day to be Batman Day! The event in in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #23. To celebrate, participating comic book retailers will provide a free, special edition re-print of [...]

Top Five Exclusives to Grab at SDCC

SDCC is infamous. It has the biggest TV shows, movies, and comic publishers. But it’s not just where all the stars go–it’s where all the toy companies will be, too. Collectibles are a big part of being a nerd, whether you’re talking about $10 action figures or $1000 replicas. Rarity is what makes a collectible really valuable, [...]

The Road Ahead for Elder Scrolls Online

Despite still being in its first year of launch, Elder Scrolls Online has already seen its share of rough times. How large that share actually is will depend on who you ask, of course. According to recent information from Superdata, ESO has over 770,000 subscribers as of June which is a fairly impressive number given [...]

I Killed a T-Rex: Review of “Beasts of Prey”

It’s a funny feeling when you think you’ve “beaten” an MMO. I mean, technically, an MMO doesn’t end until it’s canceled, and you don’t get any special end credits or cut scenes for it. “Beating” an MMO, for me means I accomplished a goal that I feel has to be done, and nothing after that [...]

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