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Nal Hutta (Glorious Jewel in Huttese) was the capital of Hutt Space and was located in the Y’Toub system. It was formerly known as Evocar and was the original home world of the Evocii, who were ousted by the Hutts in 15,000 BBY, who migrated from their original home world of Varl along with their servants thet’landa Til. It was sometimes referred to simply as Hutta at around 4000-3000 BBY. The planet was controlled by the ancient ruling Hutt families, who also ruled its moon Nar Shaddaa from Nal Hutta.

Starter Planet for: Bounty Hunter & Imperial Agent.

Faction: Neutral

Terrain: Swamp, industrial wasteland


History – Hutt Empire

Centuries before they ousted the Evocii, the Hutts owned a small province on Evocar. Due likely to their legendary greed, the Hutt’s ownership of Evocar continued to grow through business deals where they traded their technology with the relatively primitive Evocii for portions of land.


History –  Old Republic

In 15,000 BBY the Evocii realized their mistake too late, and following the destruction of the Hutt home-world of Varl, the Hutts took ownership of what was their’s on Evocar, becoming rulers of the planet, and renaming it to Nal Hutta. Having decided years before that Evocar was a suitable home, the Hutts exploited the Evocii during the technology trades, and had completely bought out the planet from beneath the Evocii. Hutt palaces, amusement parks and other constructions were built all over Evocar, and the Evocii could do nothing about it. The Hutts destroyed the planet’s lush mountainous rainforests, terraforming the planet into what they considered paradise.

The Evocii appealed to the Galactic Republic, however the contracts signed were legally binding, and the Republic ruled in favor of the Hutts. The Evocii were eventually evicted by the Hutts, and relocated to the planet’s fifth moon, which would later be known as Nar Shaddaa, The Smuggler’s Moon. The Hutts then destroyed the remaining Evocii agriculture and whatever was left of the original terrain and then terraformed any (destroyed) remaining patches of land.


History – Great Galactic War

During the Great Galactic War beginning in 3,681 BBY between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, the Hutts managed to remain neutral, ensuring their world remained exactly as they liked it.


History – Galactic Empire

During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire established nominal control over Nal Hutta, but for the most part the Hutt ruling families were left to control day to day affairs, with the Empire stepping in only when searching for Rebel sympathizers or other criminals.


History – Yuuzhan Vong Empire

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Nal Hutta was conquered in an orbital bombardment by the extragalactic aliens in retaliation for the Hutts’ treachery in 26 ABY. The Y’Toub system was surrounded by several of the Yuuzhan Vong’s most deadly warships. Several organic creations were sent to Nal Hutta and its moon Nar Shaddaa for multiple purposes. Different types of bacteria killed most of the inhabitants, before processing their remains into the soil of Nal Hutta. All of the technology on the planet was broken down and also absorbed into the soil, thus turning Nal Hutta into a lifeless barren world. However, the Hutts still remained for two years during the Yuuzhan Vong’s rule. The Yuuzhan Vong Vongformed the lifeless barren surface of Nal Hutta (into an unknown result) to suit themselves, resulting in the second complete change of the planet’s terrain. This process was ongoing, and the Yuuzhan Vong reached out from the Y’Toub system, swallowing all of Hutt Space, and desolating the Hutt Empire in the process.

As a result, a Hutt underground was formed, and the New Republic raided the world in 28 ABY. The Hutts and the resistance movement abandoned Nal Hutta as their base of operations at the close of the Vong war in 28 ABY, moving instead to the desert planet of Tatooine, a world on which the Hutts historically had a heavy presence beyond Hutt Space.



In Huttese, the name translates into “Glorious Jewel”, and the planet more commonly called Nal Hutta is considered a paradise to the gluttonous tastes of the Hutts. To anyone else, though, the planet is a living nightmare—a disgusting and dangerous place to visit, and an unthinkable place to live. Current Underworld slang has shortened the name to a simple ‘Hutta’—a place where more civilized people threaten to send their children if they misbehave.

Before the creation of the Republic, Hutta was controlled by the native Evocii, a relatively primitive race who made the mistake of engaging in extensive business deals with the Hutts, ignoring rumors of their legendary greed. Centuries later, the Evocii realized their mistake too late—their entire civilization was mortgaged. When the Hutts’ home-world of Varl later became polluted and uninhabitable, the Hutts collected on the Evocii’s debts, becoming rulers of the planet.

In the thousands of years since, the Hutts have subjugated the Evocii—they live in slavery and squalor while the Hutts’ insatiable pursuit of wealth pollutes the planet. Hutta has become the breeding grounds for the powerful Hutt families who control competing crime cartels that operate across the galaxy. Though petty vendettas keep them in constant conflict with one another, the Hutts have remained neutral in the long-running war between the Republic and the Sith Empire, keeping their world exactly as they like it.

The Hutts are the lords of Hutta’s demented society, and all other races, even official foreign emissaries, are seen as expendable fodder in the Hutts’ bloated, wormlike eyes. Even the most infamous bounty hunters are hesitant to venture on the Hutts’ home-turf, and no sane person would ever come to Hutta willingly without the most crucial need.

Nal Hutta (Evocar)
Region Mid Rim
Sector Hutt Space
System Y’Toub system
Suns 1: Y’Toub
Orbital position 3
Moons 5

Grid coordinates S-12
Rotation period 87 standard hours
Orbital period 413 local days
Class Terrestrial
Diameter 12,150 km
Atmosphere Oxygen Mix
Climate Temperate
Primary terrain Modern:

  • Barren
  • Vongformed


  • Marshes
  • Bogs
  • Oceans
  • Swamps


  • Mountainous
  • Rain-forests
Points of interest Winter Palace

  • Hutt Palace
Native species
  • Evocii
  • Vippits
Immigrated species
  • Hutts
  • t’landa Til
  • Humans
  • Many others
  • Yuuzhan Vong
Primary language(s)
  • Ancient Evocii
  • Ancient Vippit
  • Huttese
  • Galactic Basic Standard
  • Yuuzhan Vong
Government Clan Council
Population 7 billion

  • 43% Hutts
  • 29% Humans
  • 15% Vippits
  • 14% Various others
Major cities Bilbousa (capital)
Major imports
  • Foodstuffs
  • Technology
  • Luxury goods
Major exports
  • Tourism
  • Contraband


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