Capital of the Sith Empire. Home to the Emperor and his Dark Council, is a planet consumed with dark side energy. Dromund Kaas was the third planet in the Dromund system, a colony then the capital of the Old Sith Empire and later the lasting base of theProphets of the Dark Side, whose Dark Force Temple contained such power in the the dark side of the Force that most weapons, excludinglightsabers, malfunctioned on the planet’s surface. The site of a majorbattle during the New Sith Wars under Kaan’s Brotherhood of Darkness, for millennia the planet’s location was known only to a few, very selectSith Lords, falling almost completely out of the public eye.

Faction: Sith Empire
Terrain: Swamps, jungle, metropolis

History – Old Republic Era

Once a colony of the Sith Empire, the location of Dromund Kaas would soon be lost, fading into nothing but memory. It was after the defeat of Naga Sadow during theGreat Hyperspace Warthat the Sith Empire would once more rediscover the jungle world. Fearing repercussions from the Republic, a Sith armada began a series of treacherous random hyperspace jumps, wandering aimlessly for 20 years in hope to evade Republic capture. It was then that they rediscovered the world of Dromund Kaas.

With Dromund Kaas now re-colonised the Sith would once more begin to rebuild their Empire. Within a century of their arrival Kaas Citywas established, at its heart stood a citadel, a seat of power for the Emperor and his Dark Council. It would be from Dromund Kaas that the Sith Empire would start to build up their armed forces in preparation for their revenge upon the Republic over a thousand years later.

With the Sith Empire once more defeated Dromund Kaas would once again fall into obscurity until the time of Kaan’s New Sith Empirenearly three thousand years later, although Kaan, leader of the Brotherhood of Darkness, was one of only two Sith to know of the planet’s location.

History – Prophets of the Dark Side

It was effectively abandoned until it became a refuge for rogue Sith Lord Darth Millennial sometime after 990 BBY. Having rejected theRule of Two, a doctrine that insisted there only be two Sith at any given time, Millennial sought to begin a new dark side religion on the swampy planet, beginning what would later be known as the Dark Force. Followers of this religion, the so-called Prophets of the Dark Side, would rule the planet for years, until its rediscovery by one Darth Sidious sometime before the onset of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY.

Sidious, after enlisting the Prophets to his service, kept the planet’s existence a secret. He would later use it as a testing ground for hisdark side adepts, and the planet remained known only to those few.

These events, however, took place outside of the public eye, and was unknown to the Jedi Order. Believed by most to be a myth, a story used by young Padawans to frighten each other, for years only rumors were heard of Dromund Kaas in the greater galaxy, and belief in its existence was held only by cultists and anti-Jedi conspiracy theorists. However, during the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Yoda, while investigating the deletion of several planetary systems from the Jedi Archives, discovered that not only was Dromund Kaas real, but the more unsettling news that it was within the boundaries of the Old Sith Empire.
It is believed that Yoda may have personally investigated the system, however any such mission would have been known only to the highest ranks of the Jedi, and any records of the project have been lost. Despite this level of secrecy, the 327th Star Corps would later fight a battle on Dromund Kaas during the Clone Wars.

History – New Republic Era

After the rise and fall of the Empire, Dromund Kaas was once more forgotten, until Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn learned of the planet from ancient inscriptions in 9 ABY. Abruptly ending the training of his pupil, Mara Jade, Katarn located the system and battled many Sith abominations to reach the Dark Force Temple, where he succumbed to the temptations of the dark side.

After he fell out of contact, Jade began to worry for the Jedi. Setting out for Dromond Kaas herself, Jade worked her way through both local monsters and many Sith traps, eventually finding Katarn’s shuttle, and later the Temple itself. Within the ancient structure Jade fought stranger, more powerful foes than even the swamps had offered; strange, animated statues and the resurrected corpses of long-dead Sith rose to meet her, along with the dark side apparition known as Dark Mara. After a long, winding chase through the Temple’s catacombs, Jade finally confronted Katarn. After dueling for a time, Jade lowered her weapon in surrender—an act of faith in Katarn’s heart. Seeing this display, Katarn realized that he could not kill his own friend and ally, and was able to overthrow the dark taint of the Temple, and free himself from the clutches of the dark side, fleeing the planet with Jade.

Katarn, along with Luke Skywalker and other Jedi, was later able to piece together some of the planet’s history. Wary after Katarn’s fall, Skywalker decided that Dromund Kaas was a danger that could wait until the New Jedi Order became stronger. With the aid of New Republic Intelligence, he was able to ensure that Dromund Kaas stayed a myth, as it had for millennia.

From SWTOR.com

On the remote jungle world of Dromund Kaas, the Sith have spent a thousand years building their mighty war machine to prepare for an assault on the Galaxy.

Colonized in ancient times by the Sith Empire, the hyperspace coordinates of Dromund Kaas were lost to time, allowing the isolated planet to fade into distant memory. Following a crushing defeat in the Great Hyperspace War, the handful of surviving Sith desperately sought to escape annihilation at the hands of their Jedi foes. The desperate Sith, leaving their collective destiny to chance, chose to forgo all known hyperspace routes and attempt a series of dangerously random hyperspace jumps and blind scouting missions. For 20 years the Sith armada drifted aimlessly in the forgotten regions of space before finally rediscovering the Dromund system.

The Sith’s first century back on Dromund Kaas was dedicated to reestablishing the glory of Imperial society. In the depths of the jungle, the magnificent capital city of Kaas City was established and a citadel built – a standing testament to the power of the Emperor. Ceaselessly, the Empire worked to raise both army and fleet in preparation for their inevitable return to the greater galaxy. Power hungry, the Emperor spent great energy discovering and perfecting esoteric rites of darkness – rituals that wrecked the atmosphere of Dromund Kaas, transforming the ionosphere into a swirling electric storm.

Now, more than one thousand years later, the Empire has returned to the galaxy – bringing full-scale war with it. The Sith have forced a great number of systems into submission in the war, however Dromund Kaas remains home to both the Emperor and his Dark Council. Even though the planet is bristling with the energy of the dark side, it is the Imperial military that has the largest visible presence on Dromund Kaas. It is here that the Empire’s power brokering games are played and alliances are forged and broken. For up-and-coming Moffs and Imperial intelligence operatives, success – and survival – hangs on the ability to master these games of intrigue.

It is from here, on Dromund Kaas, that the dark hand of the Empire reaches ever outward.

Dromund Kaas
Region Outer Rim Territories
Sector Sith Space
System Dromund system
Suns 1: Dromund
Orbital position 3rd
Moons 2
Rotation period 24 standard hours
Orbital period 312 standard days
Class Terrestrial
Diameter 22,450 km
Atmosphere Breathable
Climate Varies, wet
Gravity Standard
Primary terrain
  • Swamp
  • Ocean
Points of interest Dark Force Temple, Dromund Kaas citadel
Native species
  • Dart flowers
Immigrated species
  • Humans
  • Sith
  • Noghri
  • Swamp wampas
  • Mailocs
  • Water cycs
  • Dianoga
  • Ysalamiri
  • Vornskrs
Primary language(s)
  • Galactic Basic Standard
Government None (religious order in pre-Empire days)
Population 10,000 (70% Human, 30% other)
Major cities
  • Kaas City
Major imports None
Major exports None




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