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Taunta: Close up with the new Collector’s Edition pet in patch 1.2

One of the most exciting things about patch 1.2 is the introduction of Taunta. Tauna is an awesome new pet for those of you who forked out the extra credits for the Collector's Edition, unlike that little droid that looks like a vacume cleaner and goes beep … and not much else. Now you must admit that just [...]

New in 1.2: Black Hole and Campaign Operation Gear

With less than a few weeks away from Patch 1.2’s deployment, information on the new tier gear for both PVE and PVP is starting to become more important as players plan out their progression in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In our first examination of the new tier gear added, we break down both the [...]

BioWare Asks For World PvP Feedback

After appearing on Twitter last week to ask the Star Wars: The Old Republic community what they wanted to see most in PvP, James Ohlen returns this week with a follow-up question. James OhlenA lot of good feedback from last week’s question. Open world PVP was the most asked for feature.Follow up. What kind of [...]

New in 1.2: Rakata Weapon and Offhand Changes

It is no secret that many of the Rakata and Battlemaster Read More…

Patch 1.2 Concealment Operative Analysis

As most long time Operatives know, the 1.1.1 patch was quite the mixed bag. Our bread and butter ability, Read More…

The Darker Side of Life: Ranting and raving

Last week was a bit of a Read More…

BLASTech HoloZine Interview: Nas’cuyan Bes’liik

BLASTech has a special feature today. We have hunted the galaxy and found one of the fiercest warriors in it—a Mandalorian clan leader who is as deadly as he is well equipped. But read at your own peril, as some of this warrior’s tales are bone chilling and gruesome. Read More…

World of Warcraft Subscriber Dip Attributabled to TOR, Says Blizzard.

After seven years of nearly undisputed dominance, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has been losing subscribers. In November, they had 10.3 million active subscribers, down from 11.1 million three months prior. In an interview with Eurogamer, senior World of Warcraft producer John Lagrave said, “We certainly do look at where WoW players go, and we have [...]

User Interface Customization Guide

One of the coolest game update 1.2 additions is the ability to finally customize SWTOR’s player user interface (UI). This feature has been asked for since early beta, and it’s easy to understand why. Most modern MMOs all have ways to tailor the UI to meet a player’s needs. A good UI is helpful for [...]

Force Reflection: Do you give others a chance?

We’ve all seen it. There’s that one character that is so powerful that he/she/it is almost a Supreme Being. No matter what you do, the character is untouchable. And yet, he/she/it is more than capable of grinding your own character into dust with no way to avoid it. This has gone by different names, both [...]

Things To Do At Level 50

Star Wars: The Old Republic is now three months old, and many players have reached maximum level on at least one character. During the leveling process, the story component of the game takes center stage, leading players through the galaxy as they fulfill their destiny and play the lead role in what is often a [...]

PTS Patch Notes Update – Game Update 1.2

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Game Update 1.2 PTS Patch Notes These notes detail changes made to the PTS server on 3/27/2012. These changes ONLY apply to the PTS server. Classes and Combat General Corrected an issue that prevented healing ability tooltips from taking skill tree investments into account. Flashpoints and Operations Flashpoints Lost Island [...]

PTS Patch Notes: 1.2 Updates 3/27/12

Patch notes for the second phase of additions to the 1.2 update Read More…

Episode 117 – The Legacy Games

“Episode 117 – The Legacy Games” of the Read More…

CBNS Insight Report: The Hutt Cartel

As an independent organisation, the Hutt Cartel runs its operations on worlds which have seceded from the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire’s control. The Cartel is a syndicate of a number of different Hutt clans spread throughout worlds which they’ve laid claim to, including their homeworld of Hutta, and the crown jewel of the underworld: [...]

Augment Itemization Revisited

If you missed my previous article BioWare Blunders? End Game Gear System Design with 1.2 you need to check it out.  George Zoeller touched back upon this subject saying that they would redress the issues with crit crafted armor sometime after 1.2 release. Originally posted by Georg Zoeller (Source) In the mid-term (e.g. past Game [...]

Force Reflection: Will you exploit the underworld?

Organized crime has been a part of societies in fiction the world over, and the expansive universe of Read More…

Would you change your class story’s ending?

Endings are a topic of much contempt recently in gaming. Some argue endings should conclude the narrative, bringing resolution to the characters and leaving the audience satisfied. Others argue endings that subvert the expectations of the audience and leave a lasting impression are the most memorable. Despite which side you might agree with, it’s clear [...]

No Server Maintenance on March 27

The usual maintenance time for Star Wars: The Old Republic game servers and website will not be occurring this coming Tuesday, March 27. Here is the official word: Announcement We will not be requiring any downtime for maintenance on Tuesday, March 27th. Both the website and the game servers will be available for play during [...]

RHN Biolife Report: Yozusk

In the days of this Cold War, sport hunting has become the favored past time of trillions of civilians across the galaxy. It is a game that one rarely is able to dabble in, the rewards being both high risk and high investment. Life and death are a natural part of the sport hunter’s life, [...]

Rakata Itemization Changes in 1.2

If you missed what’s happening with the itemization changes in 1.2 many items are receiving new stats, including Rakata gear.  But what has some players worried is that they replaced their enhancements that had too much accuracy on them.  So will these new Enhancements be better? Originally posted by Georg Zoeller (Source) Hey, some answers. [...]

Force Reflection: How hurt do your characters usually get?

The Star Wars galaxy is rarely a safe place. This is especially true in The Old Republic’s time period, and as roleplayers, combat and violence are things that everyone will encounter sooner or later. And with combat, more often than not, comes injuries. So how do we handle a blaster bolt to the chest, or [...]

RHN Biolife Report: Bantha

Weighing up to 4,000 kilograms, the lumbering Bantha is a staple of cheap and quick farming. Able to survive weeks on stored fat and water in both the smoldering heat of lifeless deserts and graze in a skin-biting blizzard, it has become a favorite for colonists and Outer Rim settlers. While its meat is rougher [...]

RHN Biolife Report: Nerf

The severely under appreciated Nerf of Alderaan receives not nearly as much praise as it deserves for being the most adaptable and delicious animal in the galaxy. According to recent surveys conducted by the Republic Census Bureau, the Nerf is the most profitable meat in the galaxy. Over nine thousand companies are solely dedicated to [...]

Community Q&A: March 23rd 2012

We’re back with some answers to your questions from the development team. As always, in some cases we’ve combined multiple questions into one. We have also edited some questions for clarity. We’ve seen lots of questions throughout the community focused on the release of Game Update 1.2, especially after its release to the Public Test [...]

Community Q&A – 3/23/2012

BioWare released this week’s Community Q&A early this evening, featuring answers from the BioWare team on a variety of gameplay-related issues. Highlights include an in-depth analysis of healer balance changes, and an explanation of the vote-kick system in warzones. Other topics of discussion included Interrupt abilities for Mercenaries and Commandos, and rage timers in hard [...]

1.1.5d Patch Notes

1.1.5d Patch Notes 3/23/2012 General Implemented changes to improve overall server stability. PvP Voidstar Players will no longer be able to exit the starting area earlier than intended. Read More…

Legacy Gear Preview

With patch 1.2 on the way to the live servers in April, it is a perfect time to look at some of the new armor sets in the game. One of the most notable areas where armor sets were added is with the inclusion of Legacy armor sets that players can purchase from vendors for [...]

Upcoming Events Announced

Earlier today, BioWare updated the official Read More…

Guide: Taris Republic Datacrons

As players start to reach end game, the importance of gaining the Datacron bonus stats will rise and have a bigger impact on a player’s overall performance. In this Datacron guide, we walk players through the planet of Taris from the Republic perspective. While both Republic and Sith players can visit Taris, they do so [...]

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