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Developer Spotlight: Jesse Sky

BioWare started a brand new SWTOR developer blog series yesterday called Developer Spotlight. The team plans to regularly hold interviews with various members of the SWTOR development team and place them in the forefront, letting the playerbase steal a glimpse of the face behind the magic, so to speak. BioWare’s first spotlight shines down on [...]

The 10 Commandments of Grouping

Now that SWTOR finally has its Group Finder tool for flashpoints, players of all levels are experiencing the, uh, joy that is otherwise known as pick-up groups. Some Group Finder groups are awesome, and it’s even possible to make new friends while using the tool, but other groups are… not awesome. Every MMO veteran by [...]

Forum Highlight: 2 Man Hard Mode Flashpoint Guide

The official SWTOR forums are full of good stuff, once you learn how to, you know, avoid all the negativity that seems to hover directly near the General forums. I found this gem of a guide the other day, and felt the need to share it: 2 Man Hard Mode Flashpoint Guide The poster goes [...]

Guild Summit: Day One Summary

Day one of the Guild Summit was all about Game Update 1.2 and the future of the Old Republic. The majority of the event was live streamed over the internet so those who did not have a chance to attend in person got to see and hear all of the great information coming out of [...]

SWTOR Flashpoints: New Player’s Guide

As a new SWTOR player, you need the basics of flashpoints so you can get started in the game and learn the ropes. This guide is designed to help you do just that. Here you can find all the information you need to get started and to advance in the game to become an intermediate [...]

TOR TV: False Emperor Hard Mode – 2 Man

The False Emperor takes place right after the Battle of Ilum and your faction obtaining Darth Severin’s stealth fighter. Your party uses this to invade Darth Malgus’s space station in order to take the fight to him. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not watch this unless you are ready to have the higher levels of Star [...]

SWTOR Endgame Gearing Guide for Empire Players

One of the biggest questions gamers have when they reach level 50- the maximum level- is what to do next. How do you get geared up? What is there to do in endgame? SWTOR is still a new game so there is not a lot of advice or “common knowledge” in the gaming community yet [...]

Kaon Under Siege – Video Guide from Pokket

It’s been awhile since you needed a 6-minute video to explain encounters in an MMORPG but the new flashpoint in SWTOR can be difficult, particularly the first time you do it. With the right technique involved, your group can get through the content efficiently and enjoyably. If you’re not sure just what that correct technique [...]

Star Wars: Old Republic plans to cater to casual fans

Casual fans will be happy to hear the news that BioWare is planning new future content to high level casual players. With so many games pushing to the hardcore fans and players, it’s nice to also see a game that address the casual players- those in school, moms and dads with jobs and family responsibilities [...]

Bioware Puts Focus on story-based Flashpoints for SWTOR Future

Stay Classy, Consular… It has been almost a month since the release of SWTOR and the first patch, 1.1 is due out next week. Many players, like me, are anxious to know what new content the patch will add to the game. Some players love all the MMO instances they can get so they can [...]

BioWare Says LFG System is in the Works

The group locator system in SWTOR can use a little work. Okay, actually… it can use a lot of work. A group finder or LFG system is very important in MMORPGs where it is an essential part of the game. There is nothing more annoying that wanting to do a quest or group phase and [...]

Flashpoint Locations, Levels, and Gear in One Handy Infographic

Do you wish that you knew where to find all the SWTOR flashpoints, levels and gear? Wouldn’t it be great if you had it all in one handy location to help you know what was where and how to get there to find it? Well, of course it wouldn’t be long before someone came along [...]

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