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Guild goes from 0-50 in under 30 days

The opening of the new Asia-Pacific servers forced a lot of players to re-roll. I ended up in a raiding guild (set up for operations) in the first week that the new servers were opened. To my surprise, the guild got a complete raid team together and it only took 29 days for them to [...]

Crimson Nova girls from Pandamonium

When Read More…

How to Find the Right Guild in SWTOR

Are you a new player or previously unguilded player looking for the right guild in SWTOR? Well, this game, like any MMO, is designed to have social aspects. While you can play solo and you certainly don’t have to have a guild in order to enjoy parts of the game, it does bring a lot [...]

Interesting Stats from the SWTOR Guild Summit

There has been a lot of news from the SWTOR Guild Summit this week. I found that some of the general stats were quite Read More…

Intergalactic Intel: An interview with Vodka

Graywulf has joined the party. “What the hell Niggles?!” “What?” My friend questioned in chat. “Yeah what?” Graywulf had no idea he had just intrrupted my interview. “I’m interviewing Niggles, I still have three more questions…” I added an emoticon to display my annoyance. “Why is he someone famous?” Niggles was silent. “Yeah. He’s ex-vodka.”Today [...]

Guild Summit Update and Your Chance to Ask Questions!

Attention SWTOR guild leaders: Did you get an email about your application to the Austin guild summit? All emails have now been sent out so if you applied and were chosen, you would have gotten the notice and the window has now passed to accept the invitation. For those guilds who did not reply in [...]

Guild Summit Update

For those of you awaiting news about the upcoming Guild Summit in Austin and whether or not your guild was invited, BioWare has given us an update on the official SWTOR blog. They have received the applications and should have responses coming out to everyone soon: Thank you to all of the guild leaders who [...]

Announcing The Old Republic Guild Summit

Good news in from BioWare this week. They have announced the first ever SWTOR Guild Summit, hosted right here in Austin (where I just happen to be) in March of this year. Guild leaders from around the world will gather with developers from BioWare Austin to talk about the game and its future. It’s by [...]

Ideal Guild Quiz – Find and Recruit Players for Your Guild

Are you looking for new applicants for your guild? This is the best way for your SWTOR guild to find and recruit quality applicants. It’s a handy quiz that helps you set parameters for your guild to aide in recruiting the most suited players as members. As a guild leader, you know that your guild [...]

Thoughts & Solutions to World PvP in TOR

Recent events in SWTOR have led to a great deal of conversation about PvP in SWTOR and PvP in games in general. This is an age-old debate and you can never make everyone happy in a video game, especially in PvP aspects of it. However, there are certain things that can be done to ensure [...]

New Content and Guild Banks to Come

Bioware today launched this new video which covers some up and coming features in SWTOR. This includes new warzones, interface changes and guild banks. Probably the coolest thing with the up and coming changes is that they are designed by the team that designed the original game which is different to many other games where [...]

New Video for what’s to come in SWTOR over the coming months!

It’s just about time to pay up for another month of SWTOR subscription, and BioWare has started teasing us  with what we have to look forwarder to in upcoming patches. Personally I’m impressed, it all looks really really promising.  Check it out below: See what the future holds for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ in this brand new video which showcases some [...]

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