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SWTOR Eye Candy: Fan-Created Panoramas

Ever wanted to see all of Alderaan’s beauty captured in one panoramic screenshot? How about view an entire Cantina to absorb the full neon-and-holodancer effect? Well, now’s your chance. Thanks to BioWare’s latest SWTOR Subreddit Community Round-Up, we’ve come across a pretty awesome site that lets fans of the game take in full panoramic screenshots [...]

PvP Guardians: Weak, Balanced or just Unnoticed?

Guardians are quite possibly the most balanced class in the game. At least that’s what the other classes would have us believe. They aren’t complaining about Guardians at all. Where are all the rants about over-powered slows and mobility? Guardians must be weak since, as we all know, balance is measured by the volume of [...]

Datacron Guide: Alderaan

STARTING COORDINATES (1153, -76) DATACRON COORDINATES (1106, 78) Juran Mountains- Located in the Juran Mountains, at the Organa Medical Camp (that is the starting coordinates).  It is a friendly location for Republic, but the enemies are not too powerful, so it isn’t a big deal.  Head through the pass to a trolly stop and wait for or jump [...]

Datacron Guide: Tatooine

Tattoine is the first planet where the majority of the planet is free-for-all PVP.  Most of the datacrons are also in these areas, so beware of gankings. STARTING COORDINATES (1647 , -3707) DATACRON COORDINATES (2148 , -3674) Republic-Anchorhead:   On the Anchorhead map, outside the town at the western-most wall,  is a sand dune that players need to [...]

Datacron Guide: Nar Shaddaa

The datacrons on Nar Shaddaa are split, with the first three different for each faction.  The remaing two are shared between them. STARTING COORDINATES (X -3303, Y -3400) DATACRON COORDINATES (X -3360, Y -3312) REPUBLIC- Nikto Sector: Find the stack of crates and jump from them up to the shipping container.  Then jump across to the next [...]

Create Your Own SWTOR Loading Screens

Do you want to know how to create your own loading screens? A lot of SWTOR players were having a lot of fun creating their own custom loading screens to help bring a little something new to the game. Well now you can learn how to do it on your own. Dijon posts on [...]

Datacron Guide: Balmorra

On Balmorra two datacrons are exclusive to each faction and the locations are different.  The other three are in the same location, but the stat boost is different. ENTRANCE COORDINATES (X -470, Y 1924) (EMPIRE) Neebray Warehouse  At the back of the warehouse is an elevator control panel.  Use it to take the elevator to the second [...]

Guild Bank Screenshots

Earlier today, we saw a video put out by Bioware giving us a quick glimpse of what’s to coming to SWTOR in the near future. One of the more popular features the community has been clamoring for are Guild Banks. Below you’ll see two screenshots of this most anticipated feature! Check them out. Read More…

UI Customization Screenshots

Earlier, Bioware released a video describing some of the new features coming to SWTOR in the near future. One of these changes is the much anticipated UI customization feature. We can see in the video and the screenshots above that players will be able to scale the UI elements and also move them around. Unfortunately, [...]

Datacron Guide: Quesh

Quesh shares all three datacrons with both factions.  It also is completely open to both factions, so be careful about Open World PVP and getting ganked. STARTING COORDINATES (X 562, Y -123) DATACRON COORDINATES (X 427, Y -124) Republic Mining Camp (Deep in Empire Territory) Travel to the Tainted Valley and look for two large venom pipes [...]

Datacron Guide: Coruscant

DATACRON COORDINATES (X 2316, Y 1050) Old Galactic Market After entering the Shipping And Receiving area in the market, head left.  Ignore the first lift (which is broken) and instead go up the ramp.  At the top of the ramp, turn right and take that lift upstairs.  Directly across the platform is the cube, guarded by [...]

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